Justin Bieber Went So Platinum They Had To Make A Whole New Award For Him, Ugh

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Justin Bieber Went So Platinum They Had To Make A Whole New Award For Him  Ugh Justin Bieber receiving diamond award for Baby July 2013 jpgUgh, I’m so annoyed right now. Justin Bieber is making music history and all I can do is sit here and huff and puff about it. See, the thing is — Bieber became a ‘diamond-selling artist’ last night. Don’t know what that means? Well it’s a descriptor for how many units you’ve sold, either as a single or as an album. It’s the next item in the list of ‘silver’, ‘gold’, and ‘platinum’, and you’ve never heard it before because THIS LIKE ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS. Ugh.

Last night, while performing in New Jersey — a show at which he hopefully did not get an iPhone thrown up onstage at himScooter Braun presented Justin with a heretofore unknown (to me) award for one of his earliest singles. It had already gone twelve-times platinum, which is a mouthful, so they had to give it a little upgrade, y’know? The Recording Industry Association of America’s Gold & Platinum Program assigns the term ‘silver’ for music that sells over 100,000 units, ‘gold’ for over 500,000, ‘platinum’ for over a million, and now, ‘diamond’ for over ten million units sold. Oof.

Justin Bieber Went So Platinum They Had To Make A Whole New Award For Him  Ugh Justin Biebers diamond award for his single Baby jpg

You’ll notice that I haven’t told you yet which song has received this lofty honor, placing it and Justin into the history books from now until the end of time. That has been…intentional. Because it was the song ‘Baby’. Commence face-palming. ‘BABY’? Really? Was that absolutely necessary? It’s not like I can think of a Bieber song that I’d be okay with if it won this honor, but ‘Baby’ is the worst one ever, right? We’ve all independently and as a group come to that conclusion, I was pretty sure. But now, it’s memorialized for the present time as the top Digital Single ever. GUH. I’ll let Scooter tell you, because I don’t have the stomach for it:

“I met Justin when he was 12, and through all the good times and all the hard times, he has stayed positive and worked hard for all of you. So it gives me great pleasure… to give you this (award) which says ‘The Diamond Award is presented to Justin Bieber in recognition of Baby for 12 million sales’, making Baby the number one most certified song ever in U.S. music history. Congratulations.”

I. Am. So. Annoyed.

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