Justin Bieber’s Bratty Deposition Video Proves He’s Even Worse Than You Imagined

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Justin Bieber attending opening for his movie Believe December 2013

I want you to think about how much you dislike Justin Bieber right now. Just pick a number from one to ten. It's even okay if you pick eleven or fifteen or twenty. Any number works. Now just multiply that by the biggest number you can think of, because that's how much you're going to dislike him after you watch these videos of his recent deposition for a paparazzi lawsuit. We already knew he'd been quite the brat, storming out over Selena Gomez questions and talking back to the lawyer questioning him. But actually seeing it take place right in front of you is so much worse than reading about it.

TMZ has multiple clips from the deposition that reveal just how much of an entitled, disrespectful brat Bieber is. You're going to want to watch them. Seriously, I cannot stress to you enough how much you need to watch these, especially if you'd had any doubts in your mind lately about exactly how awful this guy is. If you've been having hater regrets, don't be. He's the worst.

This first video provides a nice overview of his douchebaggery. His favorite thing is saying he doesn't remember knowing or doing something. He also says “I object” at one point, and at the end he actually winks at the camera. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP:

Here's him scolding the lawyer after he's asked about Selena Gomez, complete with finger-wagging:

And of course here he is pretending he doesn't know who Usher is before saying, “I think I was detrimental to my own career.” Before you gasp that he's become self-aware, just know that he actually meant “instrumental,” as his lawyer reminds him. THIS IS NOT A DRILL:

Aaaand finally, here's the video of him calling the lawyer Katie Couric and comparing the deposition to 60 Minutes, just like we read about last week and saw in our nightmares over the weekend:

Let's remember that the full deposition was four-and-a-half hours long, so I'd imagine this barely scratches the surface of his horribleness. This is unreal.

(Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com)