Bieber Leaves A Deposition When Asked About Selena, Might As Well Have Added ‘You’re Not My Real Dad!’

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Justin Bieber attending opening for his movie Believe December 2013

Things seem to be going really well over in Bieberland these days, if by “well” you mean “not well at all.” Earlier this week video of Justin Bieber taking a urine test was released, which even we argued crossed the line. Then yesterday Bieber sat for a Miami deposition that lasted four and a half hours. The deposition was connected to a lawsuit from a photographer claiming Bieber hired people to beat him up. When the opposing lawyer asked him about “elegant princess” Selena Gomez, his inner spoiled brat that we all know and don't love paid a visit.

According to TMZ, Bieber was allegedly asked if Selena was ever present during his altercations with photographers. Bieber's lawyer Howard Weitzman objected, but the photographer's lawyer continued to ask until Bieber and Weitzman reportedly stormed out as Justin screamed, “Don't ask me about her, do not ask me about her!” No word on if he put a NO TRESPASSING sign on the door, slammed it, and blasted loud rock music for an hour. That's just how it happened in my head.

But that's not all. Bieber and his lawyer apparently returned five minutes later, and Bieber continued to give attitude. He allegedly responded to a question with “yeah,” and when the lawyer asked if he meant “yes,” Bieber responded “What the f*** is the difference between yeah and yes?” He also reportedly got some pop culture references in there, asking “What is this, 60 Minutes?” and calling the lawyer Katie Couric. And for the record, when asked if he had a prescription to Xanax, Bieber said no.

Would I like to give Bieber the benefit of the doubt and consider that maybe the lawyer was unfairly trying to get a rise out of him, which Weitzman accused him of by asking irrelevant questions? Sure, but I'm not really ready to do that. It's time Bieber got a taste of something called consequences and learned that he won't always be surrounded by yes men who baby him. He's 20 years old and still acting like a kid. Considering all the trouble he's caused and how many breaks he's gotten over the years, he doesn't really have much room to be disrespectful.

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