Video: Justin Bieber Calls It ‘The Sixteenth Chapel’, Gets A Lecture On Tattoos From David Letterman

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Last night, David Letterman treated Justin Bieber like the naughty little miscreant he is, first by giving him a lecture on tattoos, and then by discussing the pitfalls of Canadian education.

On spying Bieber's new “Believe” tattoo, Letterman said “Oh God, how many do you have?” which is exactly what my own grandparents said to me the first time I failed to cover up my tattoos around them. “How does that help how you look to have a tattoo,” he continued, apparently naive of the fact that if the fainting rates at his concerts are to be believed, he could use some sort of visual handicap. Next, he tried to actually rub it off, prompting Bieber to get all Canadian and yell “eh eh eh!” (You can see it took all of his willpower not to simply have his security goons beat Dave up.)

The best part, though, was when Justin referred to the Sistine Chapel as “The Sixteenth Chapel,” prompting Dave to go “Canadian high school!” Silly Dave, Justin Bieber didn't go to high school. He was too busy amassing an army of hysterical 11-year-old girls.

(Via Paper)