Justin Bieber Late To Concert, Forcing Fans To Stay Up Past Their Bedtime

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Justin Bieber The epic saga that is The Downfall of Justin Bieber continued last night in London, where he was almost two hours late to a concert at the O2 Arena, forcing his bleary-eyed young fans to stay up past their bedtime on a school night. I mean, this wasn't some mid-morning show where the worst thing that could happen would be cutting into noon snack time. Justin showed up at 10 PM. That's like 4 hours after most of the those kids probably go to bed! Hold on… Okay, I'm being told now that teenage girls in fact do not go to bed before primetime television. My bad.

And perhaps the most disrespectful aspect of this story? Justin didn't offer any apology or explanation when he finally showed up. And by that time a lot of the British Beliebers had left because they had to, I don't know, go to bed? And they had saved all that money up in their sheep banks (Don't English people use those?) to pay for the tickets!

Needless to say, people were more than a little miffed at Justin. One of the parents told ITV News, “We were all fans, and now we hate him.” It's interesting that Beliebers, who usually direct their hatred toward either Justin's girlfriends, other fans who get to take pictures with him, or simply anyone who is happens to be standing within fifty feet of his abs, are now directing it toward their idol.

Luckily Jaden Smith and Carly Rae Jepsen were there to amuse the crowd. Wow, there's a sentence I never thought I'd type. Poor Jaden Smith probably had to cancel his date with Kylie Jenner! Carly Rae Jepsen luckily couldn't see the fans' angry faces through her bangs, so she was probably okay. Plus, she's a grown-up and stuff, so she was used to staying up late.

Then today Justin issued an apology that went on for a tedious amount of tweets. The gist of it is the following:

Justin Bieber TwitterJustin Bieber Twitter 2This all just forces me to ask what everyone's been asking recently: What is wrong with Justin Bieber these days? He claims he just had his “worst birthday” ever. His car is getting into all sorts of trouble. He seems to be auditioning for a Look Who's Talking remake as evidenced by his recent sartorial choices. And now even Beliebers are starting to abandon him? Maybe if he just ended the obvious feud he's going through with his shirts, everything would go back to normal.

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