Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Are Making An Album Together The World A Worse Place

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I think I might have been wrong about Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, you guys. I always said that they'd proven without a doubt that they didn't deserve their success or to ever have a relationship with another human, but now I'm realizing I misstated, but just barely: they absolutely and without a doubt deserve each other.

Which is great, because they're collaborating on making the world a worse place! Or making music…? I forget which, but as far as these two are concerned, those things aren't mutually exclusive. Even when they're making it ‘all about the art', they still manage to find time to get arrested and destroy public property and get accused of assault, so it's all gravy, baby!

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Bieber and Breezy announced said collaboration via Justin's Instagram, which is the best and only way to get your music taken seriously, y'know? Justin posted the following photo yesterday with the caption ‘Studio, me and CB did 1 for the fans.'

Oh man, I can tell things have gotten really serious between these two, because Justin already has Chris all decked out in a bucket hat. You know it's real when they're both dressing like babies together. There's been no official announcement from either one of them about what this project is, but given that they're in a studio, it's a fair guess that they're working on music. (Or maybe a painting! That's something else you do in a studio.)

But regardless, the only advice I can give is that they record it quickly, because there's no guarantee that either one of them can last the week without getting dragged behind bars, y'know? That's just common sense.