Why Is Everyone But Justin Bieber Driving Justin Bieber’s Car?

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Justin Bieber Car

I'm starting to become very concerned about Justin Bieber's car. It belongs to Justin Bieber, yet it seems that it's never being driven by Justin Bieber, and whenever Justin's not there to look out for it, the car gets into trouble.

Early this morning, Justin's Ferrari was pulled over by police in Los Angeles. Upon hearing this news, you might say, “Oooh, Justin's in troooouble,” in the same long, drawn-out voice 3rd graders use when their friend has been called to the principal's office. But Justin wasn't even behind the wheel! It was being driven by an unidentified man, and a woman was in the passenger seat. Date night in Justin Bieber's car?

This is the same car that was pulled over by police last month, in an incident in which a paparazzo was fatally hit by an oncoming car while trying to take a picture of the singer. But Justin wasn't driving the car then either.

Is Justin Bieber running some kind of car-borrowing business on the side, in case his singing career doesn't pan out? Bieber's Borrowers, or something?

The part that scares me the most about this story is that the man driving the car was cited for driving without a license. So now unlicensed drivers are joyriding in Bieber's fancy Ferrari?! Was there no box to check on the officer's form for “Driving a Pop Singer's Car Late at Night”? Because that would also probably be an appropriate reason for ticketing.

And then another stranger appeared driving an SUV and picked up the unknown passengers and the Ferrari? How many people other than Justin Bieber are responsible for this car?!

Everybody, I think we need to get to Kinko's stat to create some kind of lost car sign to put up around Hollywood so that Justin's car can get back to its rightful master. Does he even know what it's been up to? Oh, the stories it'll have for him when it gets home…

(Photo: Ralph, PacificCoastNews.com)