Justin Bieber Takes a Nappy Nap With His Hand on His Crotch in His New Calvin Klein Ad

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Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ad 2

The national nightmare that was Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ads isn't over, my friends. He's part of a new campaign for the brand which tells us what people do in their Calvins. Other than, you know, wear them as a barrier between their clothes and their private parts, like everyone else does.

For Bieber, one of his blanks is filled in with the word “flaunt.” (Weird, I thought it would be “poop.”) As you can see above, he appears to be imitating a classical statue. Do you think it was just an accident that the statue is a woman, or did the crew do that on #PURPOSE as a joke? Either way, I appreciate it. Side note: I'm just waiting for Justin to go to an art museum and get arrested for doing this. And all the headlines would read, “I get arrested in my Calvins.”

Flaunting isn't the only thing Bieber does in his Calvins, however. He also appears in another photo taking a nap, with the caption “I dream in #mycalvins.” But of course he's not napping with a teddy bear in his arms or a binky in his mouth or Scooter Braun sitting on the edge of the bed singing a lullaby, like I'm sure happens in real life. Instead, he's half-naked with his hand resting on his (totally not photoshopped, you guys) crotch.

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ad

Aww, they're nap buddies. Just like Ross and Joey.

But the touchy-feely naps don't end with Justin. Kendall Jenner also took one, but instead of her crotch, she's touching her sternum. But that's close enough to her boobs for everyone who celebrated on her 18th birthday to go nuts.

Kendall Jenner Calvin Klein ad

What do you think they're dreaming about? I'm going to guess juiceboxes for Bieber and escaping the Kardashian family for Kendall. Or, more likely, when the photographer is gonna get the damn shot already so they can stop pretending to sleep and go to craft services.

I can't wait for the Kate McKinnon parody.

(Photos: Tyrone Lebon / Calvin Klein)