Justin Bieber Switches Places With Kim Kardashian, Shows Us His Ass On Instagram

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Justin Bieber mooning Lil Za butt Instagram photo January 2014

It's starting to seem like Miley Cyrus' “We Can't Stop” would have been a better song for Justin Bieber to sing. As we've seen this past week especially, a quiet undocumented day at home simply doesn't exist for him. He's egged a house, made it hurricane dollar bills at a strip club, and allegedly sent a photo of his penis to Selena Gomez. But what's missing from that list? Showing us just a hint of his ass, of course.

On Sunday Bieber posted the above photo to his Instagram account, captioning it “@lilza u ass leep????” Oh that Bieber, he's a regular punny Carrie Bradshaw. It might take you a second or two to figure out where the ass is, but once you look at the far right side of the photo all will be revealed. In case you forgot, Lil Za is the friend who got arrested for drug possession when the cops raided Bieber's house. I'm glad Bieber's taking that arrest seriously and showing his appreciation by sticking his naked ass in his friend's face while he tries get some shuteye.

I guess we should back up and clarify that it might not be Justin's ass in the photo, but based on the caption and the fact that Bieber's shown us his ass on Instagram before — just about a year ago, interestingly enough — I think it's safe to assume that's a Bieber butt. I know it's hard to remember sometimes because he does so many charming things, but Justin Bieber is actually not very mature. Plus, his pants are always falling down anyway, so it was about time they just came off entirely.

This is just more evidence that Instagram is the hottest place on the Internet to share pictures of your ass. Kim Kardashian does it every five seconds, her sister Kendall did it, Lea Michele did it, and now Bieber's doing it. It's good that Bieber was able to break the glass ceiling of ass selfies and show that men can get in on the fun, too. He's changing the world, one butt cheek at a time.

(Photo: Instagram)