The One Crucial Thing Justin Bieber Left Out Of The ‘Boyfriend’ Music VIdeo

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Justin Bieber finally debuted the music video for “Boyfriend,” the song that proves to us that the boy-child's officially a man-child. One very hairless, smooth-faced man-child. While the video defintiely captured the essence of the song with its cinematographic choices, Bieber completely forgot to include one of the song's most powerful lines, “Chillin by the fire while we eatin' fondue” in the video.

Yep, not one fondue pot in the entire music video. Not even a fondue fork to allude to the missing fondue pot. The compelte absence of the song's most romantic line makes me think this must be a mistake. I imagined the entire video to look something like this:

I mean, the first time I listened to “Boyfriend,” I played that one part of the song over and over again. That line is romance. Just a couple, chilling by the fire, dipping things in cheese, chocolate — or for the truly carnivorous among us, hot oil. Can you imagine finding that kind of love. Finding a man that makes you comfortable enough to dip a piece of bread in hot cheese?!

I'm just not sure how this crucial part of the song got overlooked. Or, possible even worse, rejected. Sure, dancing in a parking lot's hot. But that's a more standard kind of hot. Anyone can meet someone who will organize a talented dance troupe in an empty lot as a way of declaring their love.

Not every girl can find a boyfriend to make her fondue. But at least we have this one small reminder that Justin, at one point, understood the significance of a fondue date.