Video: Justin Bieber Gives A Questionable Performance Of ‘Boyfriend’ On The Voice

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Last night on The Voice, Justin Bieber treated everyone to a performance of his new single “Boyfriend,” and there was much scream-y rejoicing. However, a closer look at the video shows Bieber seems to be having some difficulties moving around, hitting the high notes, and oh yeah: not being totally obnoxious.

It’s no secret that the 18-year-old kid’s voice has changed, and while he’s done a decent job singing through it, he still struggles to hit the high notes, as his uncomfortably nasal “I’d like to be”s would attest. He also seems to be having trouble walking; does he think waddling around with his legs a mile apart makes him cool, or did he buy the wrong bicycle seat?

Then there’s the thrusting. Oh dear. I know 18-year-old boys are horny, but is crotch-grabbing really appropriate for someone whose fan base is largely made up of 12-year-old girls? And on a related note, what’s with the accent Bieber affects when he raps? I know he loves hip hop, but it’s borderline minstrelsy for this suburban Canadian kid to try to sound like LL Cool J. (It’s especially apparent in the way he says his “D”s.)

Has Justin Bieber always been this annoying? Well, yes and no. When he was 13, his smug, cocky affectations were cute, because it’s always cute when kids try to do grown-up things with zero self-consciousness. But now that he’s 18, Bieber has gone from being an adorably cocky child to an annoyingly cocky young adult, and it’s not cute anymore. Especially without the vocal chops to back it up.

(Via Vulture)