Justin Bieber Got Booed So Hard At The Juno Awards That Another Winner Had To Defend Him

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Justin Bieber at the microphone GIFKnow how I know that Justin Bieber is slipping? Because he used to lash out like a crazed lemur when someone insulted him, and now it's become such a common occurrence that he barely even bats an eye.

Remember when that paparazzo called him a ‘fucking little moron' and he literally leapt out of the car at the guy and into the waiting arms of his own handlers?  Flailing around like an angry baby, threatening to ‘beat the fuck' out of the photographer? I'm not saying that's by any means the right way to handle things, but I just figured that was the only world he knew. I got familiar with that version of Justin and started practicing my gnat-swatting, in case I should ever come across him.

But that's not the version of Justin who showed up at Canada's Juno Awards last night to accept the Fan Choice Award. In fact, no version of him showed up at all, so when his name was announced as the winner, he wasn't there to hear himself get booed. Like, there were cheers happening too, but the boos were pretttttty loud. Just listen:

It was so bad that Serena Ryder, who won for Best Songwriting, actually took time during her own acceptance speech to defend him, saying:

“I really think that Justin Bieber is an amazing musician, and that he deserves every bit of that award, because he's been working his ass off his entire life, And we need to support how awesome he is, I think he's great.”

Really bro? You're gonna let a fellow artist stand up for you like that? Don't you have anything to say for yourself? Not even a Twitter rant about how you're ‘all about the music', like we got when you were booed at the Billboard Music Awards last year? Nope. Just this tweet:

Wow dude. Things are even worse than I thought.

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