Crushable Quiz: How Well Do You Know Justin Bieber’s Scandals?

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Justin Bieber mistakes


Hello and welcome to Justin Bieber's last day as a 19-year-old. Tomorrow he will turn 20 years old and the following arguments will be rendered invalid (not that they were ever valid in the first place): “Give the kid a break, he's only 19,” “Stop hating on him, he's just a teenager,” and “He's not even 20, let him make his mistakes.” Just wanted to make that clear to everyone.

In order to properly commemorate this milestone in a young douchebag's life, we must look back on the many, many, many horrible things Justin got away with because he was a teenager. The best way to do that is with a quiz that will make you feel one of two emotions when you're done with it, depending on your results. You will either glow with pride that you got all of them wrong and therefore have spent your time doing important things like eating food and being with other humans, instead of following Justin Bieber's every move. Or you will curl up in a ball in the corner of the room feeling overwhelming shame that you know so much about Justin Bieber's life. It's possibly the only quiz in existence where failing will make you feel like more of a success.

Here's how the quiz works. At this point, Bieber has gotten so many scandals under his belt in a few short years that it's easier to just name the things he hasn't done. So for each question you'll see two things he has done (allegedly or for certain) and one thing he hasn't. You'll be challenged to name the one he hasn't. It's kind of like “two truths and a lie,” except it's very likely that in a few years all these options will be truths. He's only 20; he's got plenty of time to catch 'em all.