Justin Bieber’s South American Tour de Douche Continues As He Gets Kicked Out Of His Hotel In Argentina

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Justin Bieber performing on Believe tour June 2013

“Belieber see, Belieber do” seems to be the motto of Justin Bieber‘s South American escapades this weekend as his Argentinian swarmed and rampaged his hotel, resulting in his banishment and current state of hotel-lessness.  I'm beginning to understand the level of exhaustion the Biebs must be feeling – no wonder he had to rest his poor little Bieber head to catch a few Z's!  Tengo sueño.

Apparently Hotel Faena officials in Buenos Aires finally had enough of Bieber's shit after his fans continued to destroy hotel property all week long while camping outside.  You can't place the blame solely on Beliebers alone, though.  They see their cult leader pissing into buckets, defaming walls with racist graffiti and overdosing on hookers – it's  no wonder they think it's perfectly acceptable to stampede a hotel.

For his part, Bieber is doing his best to be the voice of reason and calm:



You know what?  I would amo mucho if Bieber just completely disappeared for a few years.  Surely someone in South America is capable of conjuring up a few shady thugs to make Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber say, take a little “vacation” for awhile?

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