Justin Bieber Is Possibly Starring In The New Batman Movie, In Related News Ben Affleck Jokes Are No Longer Funny

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Justin Bieber Instagram Batman Robin 9-13-13

Did you hear that?  If you listen closely, you can hear Ben Affleck‘s murmurs of “thanks” to his lucky internet stars!  Either that or he's about to take some time to seriously reflect on how he went from Oscar winner to possible co-star of Justin Bieber in less than a year.  (In case it's not obvious, I assume he's doing the latter.)

No, you didn't misunderstand me.  Justin Bieber is leading us all to believe that he's been chosen to play Robin in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie.  Why I'm leaning toward believing this madness is because I truly don't think Bieber, in his current downward-spiral state of mind, is capable of being a tricky or amusing internet troll.  Also, movie studios have kind of proven they've adopted a universal “Honey Badger Don't Care” attitude toward serious comic book nerds fans.

Last night, the Biebs instagrammed a selfie.  Not unusual, of course.  But this selfie contained a script that looks a lot like the screenplay for the new Batman/Superman movie.  Oh, and for added subtlety, he added a “#robin?” on it.  If this is true, I smell a bunch of “zero faith in humanity” Tweets and memes coming our way.  If it isn't, then I guess I've been bested by Justin Bieber for doing exactly what he wants everyone to do: talk about him. I also have the sudden urge to ask Ben Affleck how he likes “these apples.”

Is it too early for a stiff drink?

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