The Justin Bieber Good PR Train Chugs Steadily Along

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The Justin Bieber Good PR Train Chugs Steadily Along GettyImages 487822616 jpg

Justin Bieber is pulling out all the stops on his good PR campaign, and of course this includes multiple stops on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. After all, The Biebs is desperately trying to repair his bad boy image while reminding everyone that he’s in the “young and making mistakes” phase of his career and life but that, deep down, he’s a good person. And who better to do that with than Ellen?

In his interview, Justin discusses his latest slew of shirtless selfies this past summer, including the one where he showed his, er, cheekier side on a boat. He cutely cringed when the blurred out photo appeared on a very large screen and wanted to set the record straight. He explained that one of his friends, who has a young daughter, saw the photo and it embarrassed him enough to take it down (does the Biebs really hang out with people with young kids? Seems odd.) because he “felt bad about it.” Aw, is that a moral compass we see?

He also joked about appearing on the show with Madonna, saying that she got a little flirty with him. Ellen asked Justin if he’s dating anyone and he tried SO very hard to avoid the question, before explaining that he is in fact single and ready to mingle. “I don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship right now,” he says. Fair point.

He promoted his new single “What Do You Mean?” and explained what the song is all about (spoiler alert: nothin’ to do with rape, at all. Sorry Lena Dunham!) “I wrote the song for women in general,” he said, dodging the notion that it’s about ex Selena Gomez. “I just never know what women are thinking ‘cause they say one thing and they meant another thing and then they’re like do this and don’t do this and then I’m like … what do you mean?”

It’s a very cute attempt to humanize Justin and I can’t help it, I’m falling for it. After all, the kid is 21. How perfect were you at 21? Then let’s see how perfect you’d be as a multimillionaire at 21 with questionable parents and people around you all the time, trying to get a piece of the pie. Biebs, you’ve got my heart.

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)