Justin Bieber’s Ticket Sales Are Struggling In Australia, So Obviously It’s My New Favorite Country

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Justin Bieber performing in Puerto Rico October 2013In news that makes me want to start a slow clap for an entire country, Justin Bieber's concert ticket sales are reportedly struggling in Australia in light of his recent trip to South America. You remember his trip to South America, right? Perhaps the words “prostitute” or “graffiti” or “flag desecration” will ring a bell. A lot of people who witnessed his recent behavior firsthand seem to be fed up with him, but it's nice to know even folks on the other side of the world have taken notice of his downward spiral and responded accordingly by not wanting to go to his shows.  Even if we have to take it country by country until the entire world is non-Bieberized, it's better than nothing.

News.com.au (via NY Daily News) reports that Bieber's performed sold-out shows in Australia in the past, and his upcoming eight-show tour was hotly anticipated. However, with a week to go before the tour starts, people are putting their tickets up for resale on sites like eBay, but they're not even selling well. Many are almost half-price, and some haven't even received bids. The horror! The horror! By which I mean, the joy! The joy!

Alex Levenson of ticket reselling marketplace Viagogo, explains that people aren't as interested in baby Bieber as they were this summer when tickets first went on sale. The tickets are reselling for 41 percent cheaper than during his last tour. Even better? The Aussies seem to prefer One Direction. Levenson says that Bieber ticket resales on his site for Australia were 187 percent higher than 1D's at the same point in their recent tour. And there seems to be a pretty predictable reason for that.

“With their squeaky clean image, One Direction is popular with fans and their parents alike,” Levenson told news.com.au. “Bieber on the other hand is doing a very good impression of an enfant terrible, which seems to be putting off his fans and driving their parents to resell tickets. One Direction won the battle for hearts and minds and Bieber has been left trailing behind in the fan stakes. His new bad boy persona seems to be putting people off.”

This also reminds me that so many of Justin's fans are too young to buy concert tickets themselves, so the parents are ultimately the ones making the decision for them. If concerned parents are paying enough attention to pop culture news, they're probably not going to want their kids seeing a performance by a guy who parties with maybe-prostitutes. Now I guess we just have to get some of that Australian common sense over here in the states. Is there any hope?

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