Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone Are Hanging Out So Much, They’re Starting To Look Like A Couple

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Austin Mahone Justin Bieber Instagram studio April 2014In case you missed it, this was the week that Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone started hanging out together. At first it seemed like Bieber was molding Austin into an heir to the douchey pop star throne so we'd never be free from his tyranny. Or maybe they just wanted to be seen in the same room together so much that we would all have to admit they're actually different people. (I'm still suspicious there's some mirror trick going on.) But they're now spending so much time together that I'm wondering if we should all update our mental celebrity couple directory.

Obviously I have no proof that they're dating, unless you count my own wacky mind as proof. Let's just say I wouldn't surprised if the kids on Tumblr are already shipping them. According to The Daily Mail, Austin has been welcomed into Justin Bieber's entourage in Miami, and last night Bieber treated him to a sushi birthday dinner. The party even included the infamous Lil Za. Already meeting the arrested-for-drug-possession house guests, are we? Moving a little fast, don't you think?

Just think about how much sense these crazy kids would make together. If Justin can't have his “elegant princess” Selena Gomez, his ideal significant other would obviously be himself. So instead of declaring his love to his own reflection and smudging up the mirror with kisses, he can just start a relationship with his living reflection. It would probably be the smartest thing Justin Bieber's ever done or ever will do, unless he one day decides to render himself invisible and mute, which would obviously then become the smartest thing.

And this relationship would benefit Austin as well. He's a young up-and-comer who hasn't quite made it big yet, so this would get him some great PR. We love a good fakelationship here at Crushable, but we've never seen one between clones. If for no other reason, these two should just get together so we can be entertained. It's the charitable thing to do.

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