Justin Bieber Has Graciously Agreed To Attend Ruin A High School Prom In Miami

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Justin Bieber shirtless dancing grabbing his crotch GIFWell of all the things! According to reports, Justin Bieber is considering attending a high school prom in Miami with a student there. I'll say that again — Justin Bieber is considering going to Miami to ruin a prom and taint the memories forever of a group of unsuspecting high schoolers. (Haha TAINT. I am twelve.)

The school in question is Miami Senior High School, which is attended by probably a lot of people, but most importantly in this instance, a young lass named Yovanna Ventura. She's not a celebrity, but she's not quite a normal either, given that she has over 272,000 followers at the time I'm writing this. It looks like she's definitely over eighteen, and maybe a model? She has her contact info for booking on there, but it's also a hotmail address, so who knows. NOT ME.

It's not clear what her exact relationship to Justin is, but he posted a photo of the two of them together to his Instagram last week, which has Beliebers in quite the frenzy, unsurprisingly.

The prom is taking place next Friday, May 23rd, and according to a school official, Bieber has been ‘approved to attend'. It's not been confirmed yet that he'll definitely be there, but the principal and members of the school board all say they've been hearing rumors that he'll be popping up.

Okay so call me a pessimist, but is there a way that this doesn't end badly? Justin doesn't exactly have the best track record being a decent human being even in situations that cater to his fame — do we really think he'll suddenly pull it together when he's surrounded by a bunch of non-famous teenagers in a gymnasium with streamers? Nah son.

I hope I'm wrong (and that all these celebrities who also hate him are too), and that he'll be a total prince, I just have this terrible image of him riding in on an elephant and making a big pile of furniture in the center of the dance floor and setting it on fire when he gets bored.

(Image: Naughty But Nice Rob)