Justin Bieber Is Now Being Asked By An Animal Rights Group Not To Get Another Monkey

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Justin Bieber Is Now Being Asked By an Animal Rights Group Not to Get Another Monkey wenn23203753 640x962 jpg

So once upon a time Justin Bieber had a capuchin monkey named OG Mally. Emphasis on ‘had.’ While enjoying the high life afforded to it by being adopted into Justin’s entourage, Mally’s life took a tragic turn. In 2013 Justin didn’t have the right paperwork for the exotic animal and poor OG Mally was quarantined in Germany, where Justin never retrieved it.

This might deter most people from getting another monkey, but Justin Bieber is not most people. Just this month, he told GQ that he wants to get another monkey “one day.” He says he’ll do things differently this time and “make sure [he] got a house and its stays in the f**king house.” As Justin so eloquently mentions, “People are always like, ‘Why did you get a monkey?’ If you could get a monkey, well, you would get a fucking monkey, too! Monkeys are awesome.” Well, it’s hard to argue with that reasoning.

The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance doesn’t have that much confidence in Justin’s ability to take care of exotic pets, however. The organization, according to TMZ, told Justin “please do not repeat this foolish endeavor” because it “will prove dangerous to both you and your monkey, as well as irresponsible when it comes to your public following.” It that wasn’t enough, the NAPSA added, “It is simply not possible to fulfill the unique needs of your monkey within a private home.”

So Justin, as cool as it would be to have a monkey hanging around, maybe stick to virtual pets you can take care of on iPhone apps. You can take those anywhere in the world, no paperwork needed. I’m sure of all people you can afford the data roaming charges.

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