Justin Bieber Reportedly Arrested, Karma Reportedly Exists [UPDATED WITH MUGSHOT]

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Justin Bieber Believe Movie premiereBreaking news coming from Miami's CBS4 station reports that Justin Bieber allegedly got arrested early this morning for a DUI and drag racing early this morning. While there aren't any more details at the moment, I think we can officially say that karma exists. After behaving like a hellion for the past few months, it's nice to see that he's finally getting punished for his choices. Choices that I think can best be described as thoughtless and reckless and increasingly self-destructive.

While I'm sure Big Bro Scooter's bailing him out as we speak, I'm hoping that a few hours behind bars taught him a thing or two. Then again learning from the past doesn't seem to be his forte. [Two abandoned monkeys in one year!] But here's to hoping that the judge assigned to his case doesn't go easy on him. Someone needs to stand up to the kid and make it clear to him that he has to follow the rules like everyone else . And since we know his mother's officially passed off parenting him to Jesus, it might as well be someone who has some control over the situation. So here's to hoping that this arrest forces Justin Bieber to (literally) put on his big boy pants and behave like a human being.



Here's Bieber's mugshot. Or his cover photo for Tiger Beat. It's hard to tell. Also can we all agree he has NO idea where he is in this photo and that it's likely he confused the cops with persistent paparazzi?

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(Lead Photo: Xclusive, PacificCoastNews/ Mugshot: Miami Beach Police)