Even Justin Bieber Haters Would Agree That Releasing His Urine Test Video Crosses The Privacy Line

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Justin Bieber Looking Down


Unfortunately, a Miami-Dade County judge has ruled that video of Justin Bieber's urine test being conducted will be released to the public. This decision comes after several news outlets have requested the total of five video clips. Under Florida law, they're allowed to be given to the media once his defense team has seen them but come on, you guys. While I'm all for calling out Justin for doing (very, very) stupid things, even I feel uneasy about this situation.

That's right, I have moseyed on over to the pro-Bieber side of this debate. And that's because this just crosses the line of privacy in a major way. Yes, technically no one is breaking a law by publicizing this video of him peeing. But it's still a video of him peeing. You know, that thing that we all do but would be mortified if it were a part of a newscast. Or that thing that most people don't want to watch someone else doing.

His genitals will be blurred in the videos released to the public and I honestly find that to be a hilarious place to draw the line. It makes things marginally better, but it still exposes Justin in an extremely private moment that no one needs to see. In fact, when is the last time you've seen video footage of a celebrity's urine test after being arrested for a DUI? Everyone knows that getting a DUI in Hollywood is like getting a new pair of socks, but this will still be the only urine video release I've heard of. Because, even though the alleged reason for releasing the video is to protect him from internet leaks, it still feels a whole lot like inappropriate pointing-and-laughing to me. And I feel confident that even the most devoted Justin-hater would agree.

So, here's to hoping that one day we can find a comfortable balance between wanting to know about the lives of celebrities and being a gross, ogling public. After all, it's that kind of environment that keeps breeding such troubled celebrities in the first place.