Dear Justin Bieber — Stop Trying To Turn Ariana Grande Into Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber kissing Ariana Grande on the cheek Twitter picture August 2013Justin Bieber, you old snipe — haven't you done enough damage today? Obviously you're not strong enough to make good choices in your own life, which you've proven by Instagram-ing your friend holding what looks like a baggie of white powder and befriending the always despicable Chris Brown, but keep your influence to yourself, wouldja? We already don't get why Selena Gomez continues to hang out with you, after all the damage you've done to her career, so don't you dare try to lead our girl Ariana Grande down the same path.

First you kissed her on the cheek, and then your life-size Ken doll of a manager Scooter Braun forced her to post the photo to her Twitter, igniting controversy far and wide across the whole internet as people accused her of breaking up Jelena, and Ariana of cheating on her boyfriend, Nathan Sykes of The Wanted. It was a whole mess.

And now come to find out, there's even more going on behind the scenes than we realized. Apparently Justin has Ariana's number, and he texts her flirty stuff. Here's what she revealed in an old interview with M Magazine:

“Justin’s the most famous contact I have in my phone. I felt so cool when he texted me. I didn’t believe it was him at first. He wrote, ‘What’s up cutie?’ and I dropped my phone and thought, ‘That did not just happen.’”

OH BUT HE DID. Because he's trying to drag down your career, just like he did to his own and to Selena's.

“I did a cover of ‘Die In Your Arms’ and Justin tweeted it and said he liked it and that meant the world to me. The fact that he did that means that he thinks I have some credibility as an artist. I’d love to work with him one day, I think he’s adorable and amazing.”

No. Stop. Turn back. Don't do this to us, Justin. You've done enough already. Be strong, Ariana!

(Image: Twitter)