5 Facts About Juno Temple: Winner Of The 2013 Rising Star BAFTA Award

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Juno Temple BAFTA Awards

You may not have cause the BAFTA Awards on Sunday, because you were preoccupied watching Taylor Swift air her personal unmentionables on stage at the Grammys. Sunday's a tough TV day, and one must prioritize. But if y'all Anglophiles watching saw 23-year-old Juno Temple win the EE Rising Star BAFTA award! Let's watch her accept the award in her adorable British accent…

The EE Rising Star BAFTA award is decided by the British public, and this makes the honor all the more humbling! She won over actors and actresses like Elizabeth Olsen, Alicia Vikander, and Life of Pi‘s Suraj Sharma.The fans love you, Juno! And how could they not. Your face is great. Your name is great…And it was yours even before Juno the movie. But if you didn't know who she was in the first place, we're here to give you a spark-noted version of Juno Temple's career and persona… Feel free to deploy these facts at parties!

1. She's known for playing “twisted Cinderella” roles.

That's how George Stroumboupoulos describes it while interviewing the actress for his online talk show Strombo. In the 2011 film Little Birds, she portrayed a young girl dealing with the emotions surrounding her first love. In Dirty Girl, she plays a teenager with a salacious reputation who runs away from home to escape her past. As Dottie in 2012's Killer Joe, she is the baby sister used as sexual collateral to supplement the hitman's cash fee. Also, she will be playing alongside Amanda Seyfried in the Linda Lovelace biopic Lovelace.

2. Her dad was a punk music video director.

Juno's pop is well-known British filmmaker Julien Temple. Temple was particularly taken with the rock and roll/glam rock scene. His first project was a short film starring the Sex Pistols, and he directed some of David Bowie‘s music videos. Also a documentarian, he helmed a doc about Joe Strummer and a film about Glastonbury Music Festival. In fact, Juno's acting debut was alongside in a film called Pandemonium, one of her father's projects. Talk about a cool dad.

3. She's a music video nymph…

It only makes sense that with a face like that she's cast as the girlfriend/ingenue in British alternative music videos. Check out this video for Plushgun‘s “Just Impolite.” She's the adorable blonde girl.

4. She can rock a mean Little Orphan Annie coif.

Juno Temple Atonement

Here she is in Atonement. Look at that perm.

5. Rupert Everett tutored her, and it didn't work out. 

According to her IMDB trivia page, Temple took a bit of time away from boarding school while shooting the 2007 film St. TriniansShe asked her co-star Rupert Everrett to help her with an assignment for drama class. Subsequently, she got a C-minus on it. So if you ever need help with your homework, don't ask Rupert Everett.

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