Julie Bowen Talking About Sarah Hyland’s Breakup Is Surprisingly Heart-Warming

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Julie Bowen Talking About Sarah Hyland s Breakup Is Surprisingly Heart Warming Julie Bowen Suck It gif(via)

The more I hear about Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop‘s relationship, the more it breaks my heart. The idea of enduring abuse for four years of a five year relationship is a lot. So you can imagine my surprise when, upon reading what Julie Bowen had to say about the situation, I felt my heart warming instead of breaking. What is this sensation?!?

In case you aren’t up-to-date on this whole thing, the reason Julie is even commenting on the romantic life of her Modern Family costar is because Julie was on-hand a couple months ago during the breakup to help Sarah ‘peacefully end the relationship’. Which was apparently super necessary, because according to the restraining order Sarah got against Matt, once he figured out what was happening, he became really aggressive, threatening the life of Sarah’s dog, and to burn down her house.

So yeah, there’s a lot of negative stuff there, and while Sarah has mostly kept silent on the whole thing, when she’s not giving brave but cryptic statements on how to emerge from abuse, considering the immature response we saw from Matt, I was kind of expecting more of the same from Julie’s response. Y’know, just something that would make me more painfully aware of how difficult this was for Sarah. But in fact, it was the opposite. When she was asked about the situation at the Baby2Baby Gala this past Saturday, she actually painted a really great picture for Us Weekly of how well Sarah is doing in the wake of all this:

“Oh my God Sarah is so great. She’s an angel. Just love her. I love her. I love all my fake kids though and my real kids.”

And she says that no matter what we might think about the ‘mistakes’ Sarah made in her dating life, she’s actually on a super great track:

“I personally made a million dating mistakes when I was young. I didn’t live in the public eye, and my life was totally different than say Sarah’s, I mean this is strictly about me. I made so many mistakes, but I made them when I was young, didn’t get married, didn’t have babies, and moved on. I think that’s the time to make them, like your twenties are for really just effing up. And I think that actually you know Sarah is not even twenty-five, and she’s already way ahead of where I ever was, so she’s in great shape and she didn’t do anything to eff anything up. I think that’s what being young is for! You can rebound and do great and I did, and she’s awesome and I’m awesome.”

My heart! It’s so warmed! Really glad to hear it, and sending great, positive thoughts to Sarah Hyland.