I Bet You Wanna Watch Julie Bowen Imitate Her Modern Family Costar Sofia Vergara

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With the Emmys coming up, all the shows' stars are doing interviews on the major talk-shows, and Julie Bowen, who plays Claire, the mom on Modern Family was no exception. She was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to get a little visibility before the awards, and was making me super jealous about her life, because she gets to be on a hilarious, award-winning TV show and to hang out with awesome people like Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and, of course, Sofia Vergara.

Speaking of Sofia Vergara, Julie was telling Jimmy about going to Sofia's birthday party last year, where every single member of Sofia's family completely put Americans to shame, dance-wise. Julie imitated Sofia imitating that dance that all white people do…you know, that thing you saw your parents do at weddings that you swore you'd never do — the side-step, side-step, side-step. But then you go to a wedding and it's awkward and you're in your twenties now…and you catch yourself doing the same thing. Sigh. But anyway, Julie did her impression of Sofia making fun of the way we dance and showing how people in her country, Colombia, dance, and it was pretty hilarious. If you ever want to see Julie Bowen, a self-identified WASP who doesn't like to stay up past midnight, gyrate her entire body while talking like Sofia Vergara, you should definitely watch the video above.

Julie also talked a little bit about her own family, and their struggle to understand just exactly what she does for a living, and if it's legal. Apparently her father isn't really banging down her door for tickets to the Emmys because he's not sure whether Modern Family is a reality show or not. And also, in Julie's words, “Sitting still for that long to watch a bunch of fancy prostitutes? I think not.”

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