Julie Bowen Imitates Sofia Vergara, Should Now Be Her Modern Family Understudy

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Julie Bowen Jimmy Fallon May 2013

If you're sitting there this morning thinking you have the quintessential Sofia Vergara impression just waiting up your sleeve to pull out at parties, I'll believe it when I see it, but I'm not convinced. I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish… but Julie Bowen has the best Sofia Vergara impression of all time! (Ellen DeGeneres' is a close second.) It's just made that much more entertaining by the the fact that Julie actually knows Sofia and stars with her on Modern Family. It seems to be Julie's favorite party trick, and she's always mixing it up, whether she's on the red carpet or making an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night.

Jimmy asks Julie about her family's love of beer pong, and Julie mentions that she saw Jimmy and Sofia play on his show. She then breaks into her Sofia impression, complete with the hand gestures and the pouty expression. She then says, in Sofia's signature accent, “What is pong?” This is enough to make the audience, Jimmy and me crack up. But she's not finished. She even has Sofia's movements down, including that sexy pose she manages to strike even when she's just standing around doing nothing.

I think the Modern Family people should just hire Julie as Sofia's understudy in case Sofia ever can't come to set. I know TV shows don't have understudies, but I would like to suggest a change to the rules. It's controversial, but I'm ready to fight for it. Julie should understudy for Sofia, just like Alison Brie should understudy for Jon Hamm on Mad Men. It's a new age of television, people. Get ready.

Julie also shares a video of her kids doing the Harlem Shake in silly costumes for her for Mother's Day. Julie talks about her kids a lot in interviews and on Twitter, and it's always hilarious. This time, she says, “If you took the music off of that, that's any day in my house.”

Also, did you know that Modern Family is going to be syndicated on USA in the fall? Well, it is, according to Julie. So get ready to watch reruns!