Julianne Moore Might Get To Make Chloe Moretz Feel Super Uncomfortable About Her Body In Carrie Remake

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Julianne Moore has been offered the role of the abusive mom who really, really didn't read the explaining puberty to your child pamphlets in the upcoming remake of Carrie. The title role of Carrie has already been filled, with everyone's favorite sneering teen Chloe Moretz. While Julianne Moore is more than capable of playing a shrieking, borderline psychotic I think the real question is can Chloe believably pull of the role of shy, quiet, pre-pig's blood Carrie?

Since her role as the cursing tween who knows her way around a weapons drawer in Kick-Ass Chloe's developed an onscreen personality: the sweet looking blond who'll give you a death stare then cut you off at the knees (metaphorically and literally). She's so tough she took on Jack Donaghy! It's going to be hard to believe Chloe on screen cowering in the face of the bullies instead punching them in the face. She will of course be incredible as the killer Carrie; she's terrifying when she's not covered in blood.

Even with the believability question the remake sounds promising, especially if Ms Moore gets on board. Assuming Julianne takes the role, I even already have some headline puns for the reviews of her performance. Right now the front runner is The Kids Are Definitely Not All Right.

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