Julianne Hough Danced Herself Into A Wardrobe Malfunction Last Night

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Julianne Hough 2You thought you saw the whole show at the Golden Globeslast night, but by the time the last statue was awarded and you were snuggled up in your bed with the TV off, the night was just beginning. After drankin' and laughin' the night away, a lot of celebrities changed their clothes into something equally as expensive and spangly, but less formal, and went to an after-party scattered somewhere across California. Some people chose to change into something equally as formal, though, like Julianne Hough, who swapped her floor-length white and gold gown for a tight, light pink Jenny Packham dress (also floor-length), and proceeded directly to her next stop. She did not pass Go, she did not collect $200. She decided to make a night of it and went straight to an after-party to dance the night away with boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.

Julianne HoughExcept…she danced too hard. Literally, she danced herself out of her dress. Not an exaggeration. She posted the pictures to her Instagram herself, showing her dress ripped thigh-high in two places. And something looks a little funky with the top part, as well. It's not clinging to her skin the way it started out, which makes me wonder if it somehow got damaged as well. Julianne doesn't seem to worried about it, though, saying:

“think I may have danced too hard…. Eeek!!!! […] I love to dance regardless of how expensive a dress may be… You can’t hold me down!!!”

Damn, girl, I knew you were on Dancing With The Stars, but maybe take a night off every now and then, relax! That's an expensive night of dancing you just had! Luckily Ryan Seacrest is the richest man in the whole multiverse, so he and his shoe-lifts will stump right over to take care of this, I have no doubt.

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