Julianne Hough Flirts With Alex Pettyfer At Coachella, Is Officially A Cougar

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Julianne Hough at Coachella April 2013

What in the world is going on at Coachella? Are there subliminal messages in those songs encouraging some kind of bizarro-world mentality among the attendees? Rich celebrities are dressing like they can't afford full pant legs and Kristen Stewart and Liberty Ross are standing next to each other. And now Julianne Hough, who recently split from aged possible-robot Ryan Seacrest, is flirting with a man more than a year younger than her. What is this madness?

According to Life & Style, Julianne was seen flirting with Alex Pettyfer at the music festival this past weekend:

“Julianne and Alex were flirting a lot,” a partygoer tells Life & Style of the dancer’s extra friendly behavior with the actor at the Armani Exchange Neon Carnival. “She was drinking vodka cocktails all night and by midnight she was standing on the back of a couch with her friends, dancing like crazy and rubbing up against him.”

There are a number of ways celebrity women choose to cope with break-ups. There's the classic revenge cleavage route, as well as the “I'm really enjoying being single” talk-show circuit. And then there's the decision to date a younger man. J.Lo, anyone? Julianne Hough spent three years with an older guy, and now it looks like she's becoming a cougar. Julianne is the ripe old age of 24, and Alex Pettyfer is a fresh 23. Neither of them can sing Taylor Swift's “22” convincingly, but Julianne is only a couple of months away from being able to rent a car. It's big.

While Ryan Seacrest is busy cashing in on the Kardashians, Julianne and Alex could be the next hot Hollywood couple. It could work. They're both hot blondes with dancing skills, as Alex displayed in Magic Mike and as Julianne displayed by just being a dancer. Alex could use to regain his bad boy status, so maybe they can star in a modern-day Grease remake. You know, if we're still able to find the story believable after learning that Julianne is older than Alex.

I don't know if I can handle any more Coachella news. Next I'm going to hear that Dame Maggie Smith is mud-wrestling.

(Photo: STS/WENN.com)