Julia Roberts And Sally Field Compete In A Celebrity Curse Off, And It’s Even More Fun Than It Sounds

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Sally Field Julia Roberts curse off Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel seems especially fond of curse words. He has his “Unnecessary Censorship” series, as well as segments here and there where he makes kids swear. Last night he started a new foul-mouthed tradition called “Celebrity Curse Off.” His first two contestants were Sally Field and Julia Roberts, acclaimed Oscar-winning actresses who starred together in Steel Magnolias. And now they've reached the point in their careers where they're taking turns shouting curse words.

Believe me when I say this video is even funner than it sounds. If you like curse words and/or celebrities letting loose, you will enjoy this video. Some people might think it defeats the purpose to do this kind of segment on a network show where most of the words need to be bleeped. But I actually think it makes things that much funnier. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear bleeping, especially over people as classy and iconic as these two ladies, it just tickles my funny bone. Plus, they get a few words and phrases in there that don't need to be bleeped, and the lack of bleeping makes them sound so much more innocent, which in turn makes thing even funnier.

Basically what I'm saying is this video is bleeping amazing. You will not be able to stop yourself from smiling like an idiot through the whole thing. It's extra awesome because Sally takes things so seriously (I expected her to put on war pant and do ten push-ups), and Julia is just so giggly and awkward about it. I won't spoil who the winner is, but she does get to wear a giant bar of soap around her neck as the champion. If Jimmy does more segments like these with even more delightful celebrities, I might finally forgive him for that twerking stunt. I said might.

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