Julia Louis-Dreyfus Poses Naked On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Like The Badass That She Is

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Julia Louis Dreyfus Poses Naked On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Like The Badass That She Is Julia Louis Dreyfus Rolling Stone cover naked 2014 jpg

I’m of the opinion that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a comedy genius, and an underrated one at that. Sure, she’s got multiple Emmys, but she deserves to win them all. She also happens to be super hot, and she’s showing it off by posing naked on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. I’m pretty sure Rolling Stone has a strict badass-only policy for their covers, and Julia definitely fulfills that requirement.

Julia shared her cover on Twitter last night and remained hilarious as ever, writing “In my defense, ‘I was in a drunken stupor’ #crackexcuse.” Somehow that drunken stupor led to her having the Constitution printed on her back, a nod to her role on Veep. (That’s a show you should be watching, by the way, so get on that.) The presence of John Hancock’s signature down there means either A.) the history books were wrong and he actually did sign the Constitution, B.) Marty and Doc went back in time and made him change his mind, C.) Rolling Stone made a mistake, or D.) it’s supposed to be wrong as a joke.

It doesn’t really matter, though, because Julia’s looking fab. This woman is 53 years old and looks the same as she did in her Seinfeld days. In fact, she might even look better. It doesn’t hurt that she’s no longer wearing saddle shoes, oversized vests and really dark lipstick. The ’90s were a weird time, weren’t they?

If you read Rolling Stone for the articles and not to stare at naked comedians on the cover, you’ll be happy to learn that Julia’s interview also looks great, based on the preview the magazine gave. Here are her thoughts on all the glorious cursing she and her cast mates do on Veep:

“Once, when we were trying to come up with the particular perfect, horrible, swear-y thing to say in Veep, I said, ‘You do realize that if we were 12, we would get in big trouble for this conversation,'” she said. “That was not part of the curriculum in high school, and the fact that it is now a part of the curriculum of my life is a pleasure, which is the understatement of the universe.”

She gets to curse at work and she looks like that naked? This lady’s living the dream.

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