Watching Julia Louis-Dreyfus Have An Epic Meltdown Is The Only Way To Start Your Day

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Watching Julia Louis Dreyfus Have An Epic Meltdown Is The Only Way To Start Your Day Julia Louis Dreyfus Meltdown jimmy kimmel 640x404 png

On the slight chance that you somehow forgot that the Emmy-award-winning actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a comedy god, let me remind you right here and right now — she is a comedy god. And on the slighter chance that you need brand new proof of that right here and right now, I got just the video for you. It features Julia, a food order and an epic meltdown. Oh and also Jimmy Kimmel. But it’s a video that’s going to go viral, so you probably could’ve guessed that last part.

While it’s not a real meltdown (like I said, Jimmy Kimmel), it’s just as good as the real thing. Or dare I say better. Not because she does a restaurant temper tantrum better than normals, but because you don’t instantly contract a case of the second-hand cringies watching it since you know she’s just acting. You know about the second-hand cringies right? They’re that thing that where you want to crawl up inside of yourself and go to sleep because you’re so embarrassed on behalf of another person.

Or more specifically, they’re that thing that I get when I see real live human beings having real live meltdowns in public. At first you’re like, “ooOOoo, this oughta be good!” But then you’re like, “oohhhh, this is very, very uncomfortable and I regret choosing this checkout line very, very much.” Finally you’re like, “I’m so, so sorry” to the cashier, as if you’re required to apologize on behalf of all humanity. “I don’t know why she had to throw those jars of tomato sauce at you! It’s not your fault that the two-for-one sale ended yesterday.”

Like I said though, watching J.L-D start yelling about gluten-free food is great because it doesn’t give you a case of the second-hand cringies — not even a hint of a symptom of it. It just gives you an enormous sense of relief that the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy went to a talented person who deserved it.