Julia Louis-Dreyfus Responds To The New Controversy With Yet Another Naked Photo

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Julia Louis Dreyfus Responds To The New Controversy With Yet Another Naked Photo Julia Louis Dreyfus attending Screen Actors Guild awards January 2014 640x478 jpgKnow how I know Julia Louis-Dreyfus gives no effs? Because she responded to this whole controversy over John Hancock not signing the Constitution in the most hilarious way ever.

Let me explain, because if you’re not up-to-date on what I’m talking about, that was just a bunch of nonsense words strung together. Julia posed naked on the cover of this month’s issue of Rolling Stone, and she has the Constitution fake tattooed on her back as a fun promotion for her show Veepwhich just returned to HBO for its third season. She posted the image to Twitter with suitable irreverence, saying:

Love it. But as many people pointed out, John Hancock’s signature really shouldn’t be there. He rather notoriously signed the Declaration Of Independence, but this is the Constitution, ya’ll. Luckily, Julia had a better and funnier reaction to that controversy (over whether it was intentional or not) than any of the rest of us could’ve ever dreamed of, so listen up:

Love. Her. How brilliant is that? In a situation where almost any other comedian I can think of would’ve either stayed out of the fray or told everyone to calm down because it was a simple mistake, JLD took it in a totally different direction — humor. What a concept.

And we got to see her chubby toddler butt in the process, so I think we can count this as a win for everybody. Except poor little Selina Meyer, whose parents were apparently so interested in her joining politics from a young age that they got her a tramp stamp of John Hancock’s signature and told her it was a birthmark.

(Photo: Apega / WENN.com)