Fake Veep Julia Louis-Dreyfus Hung Out With Real Veep Joe Biden, Worlds Collided

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Fake Veep Julia Louis Dreyfus Hung Out With Real Veep Joe Biden  Worlds Collided Julia Louis Drefus Joe Biden jpg

Hollywood is really killing it lately on the friendship front (Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham excluded). While Tobey and Leo or Sandra and Melissa were pretty expected, I bet you didn’t see this latest match-up coming. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, comedic genius and fictional vice president on Veep, went on Conan last night and talked all about her crazy adventures with real-life Vice President Joe Biden. Worlds collided, Inception‘s plot was given a run for its money, and we got a glimpse of an awesome selfie Julia and her new BFF Mr. Biden took together.

I have an impression of Joe Biden as being kind of cheesy, due in no small part to Jason Sudeikis’ hilarious imitation of him on SNL. And according to Julia’s anecdote about Mr. Biden, he really is pretty cheesy in that kind of “oh, Mr. Vice President, you’re so goofy” kind of way. She explains how “affable” and “charming” he is before revealing a joke he cracked when he met her:

“Hey, does your husband like to sleep with the vice president? Because I’m trying to convince Jill it’s a good idea.”

Uh oh, oh my goodness, did you hear that? Mr. Vice President is getting racy. Between this and President Obama’s impression of Daniel Day-Lewis doing an impression of President Obama, I’m very excited about this administration’s sense of humor. It just goes to show that the wacky characters you see on Veep might not be that far from the truth, even though Julia says Joe Biden doesn’t swear like those political potty-mouths on her show.

Since I’m a fan of Veep and an aficionado of unexpected celebrity selfies (see: Demi Lovato and Gwyneth Paltrow), this is just the best mash-up of things I love since apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Or potato chips and chocolate. Mostly food things.

One thing’s for sure. Miss Leslie Knope is kicking herself for not thinking to take a selfie with her political crush Joe Biden when she met him last year.

Watch Julia gush about the veep below, and listen at the end when Julia provides a few vice-presidential tidbits about our past leaders’ strange habits. Apparently truth really can be stranger than HBO.