Just The Video Of Julia Louis-Dreyfus Trying To Pawn Her Emmy That You Never Knew You Wanted

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Emmy promo Barely Legal Pawn August 2014

I will watch anything with Julia Louis-Dreyfus in it. She could just star in a sitcom called This Lady Literally Just Does Her Taxes Without Speaking For a Half an Hour a Week, and I'd watch the hell out of it. I'm sure she'd make it great somehow, because that's what she does. So obviously I immediately clicked play on this new Emmys promo she stars in. And I loved it. The video also features Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, from this little show called Breaking Bad that you might have heard of, and they're okay too, if you're into people who aren't Julia Louis-Dreyfus. No judgment. I guess.

I'm one of those heathens whose only experience watching Breaking Bad was one time when I turned on the TV and hadn't changed the channel from AMC the last time I had it on, probably because I had been watching The Shawshank Redemption. Or The Godfather. Those are the only two things I could possibly have been watching, because they're the only two things AMC shows. That and Breaking Bad. What I'm trying to say is that I know next to nothing about Breaking Bad other than that there's meth and tighty whities involved, but I was still amused by Bryan and Aaron's characters in Barely Legal Pawn (which I can't believe isn't the title of a show already).

And I was also amused by Julia. Mostly by Julia. Because she's the best. Have I mentioned that yet? Anyway, the premise is that Julia needs some cash, so she decides to pawn her Best Supporting Actress Emmy for Seinfeld. Lots of silliness and misunderstandings ensue, and then at the end there's a crazy twist, so be sure to keep watching. I know, I know. What is this, a Marvel movie? Just do it.