Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Bryan Cranston Just Hardcore Made Out At The Emmys

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Julia Louis Dreyfus And Bryan Cranston Just Hardcore Made Out At The Emmys Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis Dreyfus making out at the 2014 Emmys GIF gif(via)

Is there anything in the world that Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn’t execute perfectly and hilariously? No seriously, because this woman just made out with Bryan Cranston on her way to the stage to accept her Emmy just now, and I almost fell out of my chair.

Julia and Bryan were paired together to present the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, and Julia joked that Bryan looked just like a character from SeinfeldTim Whatley, whom she’d dated on the series. Bryan of course played that role, and tried to remind Julia that they’d even kissed on the show, but she played it off like she didn’t remember him. BECAUSE SHE IS A QUEEN AND EVEN HER AWARD SHOW JOKES HAVE SET-UP.

Cut to later, when Julia won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for VeepBryan came out of nowhere, blocking her path to the stage, and the two of them made out for like, a good five seconds. And not a tidy polite makeout either. A big sloppy wet one, with a slight backbend and no trace of Julia’s lipstick by the time she got to the stage to give her speech. At which point she goes — “oh, he was on Seinfeld.”

Ugh you guys. We just have to give her every award there is forever and ever amen.