Open Thread: Who’s Your Favorite Julia Louis-Dreyfus Character?

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I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus is an underrated funny lady. Sure, we talk a lot about how awesome Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are, as we should, but let’s not forget that JLD has been doing her thang for even longer, and in that time she’s had several iconic roles. The news that Hulu will soon have Seinfeld available to stream in its entirety made me think of Julia and what an awesome part of that show she was (the best part, if you ask me). And then I started thinking of all the other characters she’s played. Did you know she’s won Emmys for three different comedy series?

I loved her on Seinfeld, like I said, and she’s also brilliant these days on Veep, but my favorite role of hers will always be Christine Campbell on The New Adventures of Old Christine. I discovered the show in reruns after it was canceled, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s one of the few shows with a laugh track that I can totally enjoy, because I’m laughing along with it. Julia manages to make an objectively unlikable character extremely likable by being utterly hilarious. If you ever catch it on TV (usually on Lifetime at like 2 in the morning), definitely give it a try. Unless you already have, in which case let’s talk about it, please.

So now I want to know what your favorite JLD role is. Are you crazy for Elaine? Do you worship Selina Meyer? Or maybe you’re obsessed with one of her smaller roles? Remember Maggie Lizer from Arrested Development? Or that time she played Liz Lemon on the 30 Rock live show? What about her movie roles? Let’s have a Julia Louis-Dreyfus love fest in the comments.

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