Judy Greer’s Joining the Cast of Two and a Half Men, So Does That Mean We Have to Watch It?

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Judy Greer has just signed on to join the Charlie Sheen-free cast of Two and a Half Men, where she'll play the soon-to-be ex-wife of Ashton Kutcher's character. I love Judy Greer? So does that mean I'm going to be tricked into watching Two and a Half Men? Damn you CBS and your casting trickery.

Judy will play a woman named Bridget whose in the process of divorcing the billion played by Mr. Kutcher — hence the reason he has to move into Charlie Sheen's old house (we're not spoiling anything for you, are we?). Evidently, Ashton's character is heartbroken over the loss of his wife, and for good reason! She's Judy Greer!

Did you guys happen to catch that short-lived series Miss Guided that starred Judy as an uptight guidance counselor? I caught every episode and it was pretty great. So why is the hilarious actress making a move to one of the most reviled comedies on television? I can only imagine it's for the paycheck. And, perhaps, the chance to stare deep into Ashton Kutcher's eyes. (No, but really, it's probably just the paycheck.)