These Photos Of The Apatow Family In Matching Pajamas Will Make Your Day

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maude apatow iris apatow matching pajamas

Even though This is 40 isn't getting the greatest reviews in the world, it still stars one of Hollywood's most functional families. Judd Apatow directs his wife Leslie Mann and their two daughters Maude Apatow and Iris Apatow in Hollywood's best divorce PSA of 2012.

Before I saw this movie, I naturally assumed that the couple had a great marriage. How else do you get a teenager as wonderful as Maude? Then I saw the movie and questioned everything I thought I knew about the Apatows. If this movie in any way resembles their real relationship, we're looking at Divorce 2K13. And goodness knows that our hearts cannot take another quality Hollywood couple breaking up after the hand we got dealt this year.

Judd Apatow family pajamas

Luckily, before I wrote them off forever as a secretly unhappy couple, I saw these amazing photos from today's episode of Anderson Live. Apparently the fearsome foursome all wear matching pajamas on Christmas Morning. Even though I'm willing to bet that Apatow daughters find this tradition less than adorable as they're getting older, I think they look absolutely precious. At least a lot more precious than my family would look in matching pajamas.

So consider these photos a tiny Christmas miracle. A little treat for everyone who's going to walk out of This is 40 feeling slightly depressed. The Apatow family might just make it after all.

Judd Apatow Leslie Mann matching pajamas

And if not, at least we know they're all parting ways with a few pairs of sturdy pajamas.