Video: Joss Whedon Warns Of The Zombie Apocalypse If We Elect Mitt Romney

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As we established some time ago, Hollywood is really on Barack Obama‘s side. With Election Day a little over a week away, we're seeing more and more videos from famous folks rallying to keep our President in office. Or at least, to make sure that everyone takes advantage of their right to vote.

What's smart is that Obama's people are playing the different angles, playing to stars' strengths. You've got the charming but also sexually suggestive ad from Girls creator Lena Dunham, and now Joss Whedon is taking an entirely different stab at things. This video is pure Joss:

1) It's set in what I assume is his house, where he recorded some of Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and the upcoming Shakespearean adaptation Much Ado About Nothing.

2) With his deadpan wit, at first you think he's totally pushing you in the direction of Mitt Romney

3) …until he uses the Z word. Yep, zombies.

I gotta say, I got a mini-nerdgasm from hearing Joss Whedon talk about zombies. You know, since we're so used to his thoughts on vampires, space cowboys, and mind-controlled assassins. But leave it to Joss to turn a laughing matter about the shambling hordes into a dead serious commentary on Romney's disdain for our country's poor. As he says, “The 1% will no longer be the very rich, they'll be the very fast.”

I was actually discussing Joss with my geeky friends this weekend, and how thanks to The Avengers he's finally risen to his place in geek and mainstream culture. He's being asked to do election ads, for Pete's sake! This man will never have a show canceled again, and he's become a role model for politics and other serious stuff. But he hasn't entirely sold out, and he still uses his trademark humor and the-supernatural-as-metaphor.

You know who's the perfect candidate for the next election video? Captain America, of course.