Joshua Jackson Thinks His Friends’ Kids Like Dawson’s Creek In An Ironic Way

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I have absolutely zero shame in my deep, undying love for Dawson’s Creek. I watched it when it was on and was Team Dawson, then I watched it in college and was like.. wtf, Team Pacey all the way. Dawson was such a nerd and not in a good way. Now I’ve watched it as a full-blown adult-type on reruns (the challenging life of a freelance writer, people.) and it still hits me right in the damn heart. I’d probably still wear a Team Pacey shirt in a totally un-ironic way if such a thing existed.

Because of this, I still have a completely ridiculous crush on Joshua Jackson. In fact, I saw him one time on the street in NYC with Diane Kruger and I nearly fell over. I couldn’t even get words out. I was with my boyfriend-turned-husband and could barely even tell him who had just walked by (he was simply confused and didn’t notice that anyone famous was around us. Bless him.)  — that’s how excited I was. Really smooth.

I think a lot of ladies feel this way, and I also think a lot of people still love themselves a little Creek. He appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night, and James said his wife saw Joshua at dinner the night before and was extremely excited, too — clearly, she’s Team Pacey. He asked Joshua if kids today come up to him asking about Dawson’s Creek.

“I shouldn’t admit that I’m this old, but my friends’ kids have now discovered it in reruns, so yeah, I think it’s become an ironic binge-watch for not even the next generation, but the generation after that.”

James admitted that he loved the show “in a totally normal way,” saying that he thought of Pacey and Dawson as his friends. (Aww!)

Joshua said that his friends’ daughter loves the show but doesn’t understand a life before cell phones, texting, and Facebook. “She doesn’t understand how we communicated with each other because it was the last show before all of that happened.” He noted that it’s from a different era.

Well now I just feel REALLY old.

Joshua and James also did a hysterical segment with Anna Faris in which they used a secret “crying stick” that actors use to cry (basically a menthol solution that is sprayed in one’s eyes to induce tears) and it is quite hilarious.

The only thing this is missing is a good ugly cry from Dawson himself.

Joshua Jackson Thinks His Friends  Kids Like Dawson s Creek in an Ironic Way 200 gif