Josh Jackson Looks At Engagement Ring, Wedding To Diane Kruger Imminent

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Josh Jackson Looks At Engagement Ring  Wedding To Diane Kruger Imminent Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger attending The Host screening in NYC March 2013 jpgJoshua Jackson allowed his eyes to both rest on and pass over an engagement ring recently, so it’s safe to say that he and Diane Kruger will be married within the hour. That’s how relationships work, right? Especially in Hollywood. You date a woman for seven years, very happily, and manage to stay out of the spotlight. You both speak out about your lack of interest in marriage, but then one day an anonymous source for Life&Style sees you at a jewelry store and OH BOY IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.

“He was looking at an $80,000 3.5-carat emerald-cut platinum engagement ring. He thinks it’s perfect.”

Well it better be perfect, because I tell you what — now that Diane has read this story at prime media outlet Crushable, she’s gonna have to marry Josh, whether she likes it or not. That’s how stories like this go. The celebrity thinks their life is gonna go a certain way, but then the media and the public express what they want to happen (aka, Josh putting a ring on it), and the gears of fate are set in motion! Again, since this story hit the internet a couple hours ago, I predict these two are getting on a plane to Vegas as we speak. That’s just the pace that things go after people are spotted at the Neil Lane store in Beverly Hills. After all, there’s no other reason to be in that store. It’s a widely-known fact that jewelry stores only sell engagement rings, never bracelets or necklaces or toe rings. Those you have to forge yourself out of the melted down fillings of your dead relatives and coins you find between the couch cushions. Don’t you know ANYTHING?

(Image: Andres Otero / WENN.com)