Josh Hutcherson Jumps On The YOLO Bandwagon

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Well it's happened. Josh Hutcherson, best known in 8th grade social circles as Peeta Mellark, just tweeted twice about YOLO. Twice. For someone so adamant about claiming “you only live once,” he sure felt compelled to tweet about it a lot. Riddle me that logic, YOLO fanatics. Riddle me that.

While I don't want to make bold statements that lack any kind of evidence, I do feel semi-confident saying that the YOLO trend's even more dangerous than bath salts. Of course I'm referring to actual bath salts. The kind you get your mother for her birthday when you remember that it's her birthday and are forced to find a present in the clearance bin at CVS. I'm not referring to the bath salts that caused rampant cannibalism in the past month. Those are without a doubt more dangerous than YOLO-ing your life away.

Sure you only live once, but you also want that once to last a while. Right? That's the goal. So I don't really agree when people run across a street into oncoming traffic and yelling, “c'mon, YOLO.”

However I will concede that J. Hutch uses it correctly in his tweet.

Damn him for being such a good person. Every time I turn around he's showing me up with his golden heart and kind words. (Like getting a GLAAD award for being an LGBT ally.) He's like a commencement speaker who's constantly spouting off great advice that leaves the rest of us adults being like, “why didn't I think of that?” And then, just when I think he can't be any more perfect when it comes to living a perfectly moral life, he half-apologizes for using YOLO.

Bless his soul. In hopes that he'll bless mine. Because I think he's probably bestowed with blessing powers.

(Photo: Ryan Seacrest)