These Peeta Memes Will Only Make You Love Josh Hutcherson More

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I didn't agree with Josh Hutcherson being cast as Peeta Mellark until I saw The Hunger Games this weekend and fell madly in love with both of them. Josh Hutcherson and Peeta Mellark. Now I can't imagine picturing Peeta any other way. The two are intertwined in my brain and I can't remember why I ever thought anyone else could play the role better.

Sure Liam Hemsworth has the Australian accent  and the height factor going for him, but he's tainted by Miley Cyrus and he didn't really pull off the brunette look as well as I thought he would.

So now, I'm like a teenage girl pining over Robert Pattinson as I cruise the Internet looking for more information on Josh Hutcherson and Peeta Mellark. I want to see interviews, articles and everything else that's out there. It's to the point where I want to start a petition for a nude photo scandal and I want Josh Hutcherson to hook up with Jennifer Lawrence in real life.

But until those magical photos leak, I present you with the second best thing: Peeta loves Katniss memes. You're going to love them so much you might get a sponsor or two.