It’s So Cute How Josh Hutcherson Pretends That Kissing Jennifer Lawrence Is No Big Deal

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Peeta kissing Katniss The Hunger Games

It's common knowledge around these parts that Josh Hutcherson has a big old crush on his Catching Fire co-star, Jennifer LawrenceAnd by these parts, I mean my brain. If you look right in through my ear hole, you'll see quite the rom-com love triangle going on between J.Hutch, J.Law and J.Law's BF N.Hoult. And if you listen closely, you'll hear some the soundtrack from Up. I guess I should mention that this is the kind of rom-com that will make you laugh and cry. Like how you laughed in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts got to get revenge on that shop girl, but how you cried when you realized that she met Richard Gere because he wanted to pay for sex.

In a recent video interview with Seventeen, Josh only added fuel to my brain fire by talking about what it's like to kiss Jennifer in Catching Fire. While he acted all nonchalant about the whole thing, it's pretty clear that he's not as calm and collected as he thinks he is during those scenes.

“No, I'm never nervous before a kissing scene, I think, uh, maybe the very first one that we had to do like back on the first Hunger Games because it's a new person you've never kissed before and your faces are pretty close when that happens, it's very intimate, but uh, no, Jennifer and I, we're such good friends that if anything it's a little bit weird to have to kiss her only because we're really close friends.”

Maybe I'm reading too much into this one here, but he starts out being all like, “kissing her isn't a big deal — except and guys this is an except — when it is a big deal.” Or to paraphrase that for you using a dated quote from a show that used to be good:  “pick me Jennifer Lawrence, choose me Jennifer Lawrence, love me Jennifer Lawrence.” No matter how hard he tries to convince himself that they're just friends (twice in this one quote!), it's just so obvious that he wants to be more. Look no further for proof than this video right here.

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