Let’s All Watch Josh Hutcherson In This Audition Tape For The Amazing Spider-Man

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Did you know that Josh Hutcherson auditioned for the role of Spider-Man in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man way back when? Yes, before he started he entranced as Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, he got a few friends together to audition for the role. Of course, as well all know now, they went with Andrew Garfield. And our BFF Josh got a different kind of break into the business. One that involved getting to kiss Jennifer Lawrence. Guess the odds were in his favor. (Sorry, that's a mandatory joke I'm legally obligated to make in all Hunger Games posts.)

Considering that he's J. Hutch and considering that he's always adorable, this video is absolutely precious. Just look at him in his glasses! It's hard to believe it, but when he shot this tape he had no idea that he would be so famous, so soon. Pretty crazy to think about, right?

At this point, he pretty much was another unknown actor who probably had a small fanbase from his early movies. But now he's Josh Hutcherson. The global superstar who will spend the rest of his life being called Peeta Mellark. Or as I call him in my head, “I'm Peeta and I know it.”

Now that we've uncovered this little gem, it's time to find old Jennifer Lawrence audition videos. Those will be priceless. So whoever is hiding them, please send them my way!