Video Proof That Josh Hutcherson Is Even More Talented Than We Thought

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Ever I saw The Hunger Games last week, I've developed quite the crush on Josh Hutcherson. Also known in my heart as Peeta Mellark, the superhuman baker with incredible make-up skills. Honestly, if he transform himself into the ground that well, I'd love to see how he'd transform my typical eye make-up routine.

Turns out the talented actor is also a talented Super Mario Bros. theme song singer. Peter Travers of The Rolling Stones interviewed Josh and asked him to sing the song that's currently on his mind. Rather than belting out Call Me Maybe or anything by One Direction like I would have done, he busts out the Super Mario Bros. theme song. And not surprisingly he worries about Peach getting saved. Just like he worried about Katniss.

It's amazing and charming and makes me love him even more than I already do. Although this recent development not only proves that he could out-bake me (yes I confuse him with his character in my head now), but also that he could out-sing me at karaoke.