Josh Hutcherson Literally Catches Fire In His SNL Promos, Metaphorically Steals My Heart

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Josh Hutcherson SNL Promos Catching Fire

Unless you just woke up from a four-thousand year coma, you're aware that Catching Fire premieres this week. (And if you did just wake up from a four-thousand year coma we should cover some other stuff before we get to pop culture.) You're probably also aware that Josh Hutcherson's hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Which, for anyone else tracking this little nugget's career on a chart hanging in their bedroom walls, is kind of a big deal.

While we know that he has what it takes to pull of an action hero/baker's son, we actually have no idea if he's funny. I mean, he plays off Jennifer Lawrence really well in interviews. But does teasing his co-star translate to making us laugh? Based on these promos, I'm still not sure. Mostly because Bobby Moynihan steals the show. Or I should say the promo. Which just left Josh hanging around next to him. While I'm sure Josh will be up for anything this weekend, I'm getting the vibe that he'll play the normal in most of his sketches.

And that's okay! In fact it's better than okay. I'd rather he blend into the background than disappoint me by not being funny. There are few things more painful than seeing your favorite actors bomb on SNL. To be completely honest with you, I'm still recovering emotionally from Tina Fey's episode earlier this season. So in conclusion, Josh, you do you! And by that, I mean stand around just like you did here and continue being adorable.

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