Let Josh Hutcherson Seduce You In This Video Of Him Portraying A Sensitive Guy

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JOsh Hutcherson SensitiveFine Josh Hutcherson, I'll date you! You win! Just promise me that you'll let me call you Peeta Mellark when we're alone together. And that you'll bake fresh bread every day. Mostly because I truly struggle to differentiate between real human beings and the characters they play in movies.

God help me if I ever meet Air Bud. I'll be all like “Air Bud let's go play a round of golf.” Then Air Bud would be all like “That's a movie. I don't play golf or basketball or soccer or football or cricket. Also my name's Chad.” Then I would cry because whoops, there goes my entire childhood in a hand basket.

And speaking of hand baskets, Josh Hutcherson sat down with MTV's Josh Horowitz to go over some sensitive guy stuff. You know, a little 101 for guys who may not be quite as sensitive as our Josh. (Josh-y? Too much? Did that make you yak a little? I'm sorry.)

While the video's clearly supposed to be funny, I don't think it's that far off from the real Josh Hutcherson. He truly comes off as a great guy who uses his powers for good. Take his work with Straight, But Not Narrow as an example of that. He's clearly a stand-up guy and we'd gladly let him make us pie any day of the week.

So with no further ado, the best video you'll watch today.

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